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Advantages of teaching jobs in Thailand

1. Teachers in Thailand are highly valued.

2. Thai people are friendly. They welcome, encourage (especially if you are trying to learn Thai!)
and are glad that you are teaching English in Thailand, showing an interest in a country that they proudly call home.

3. Thai culture is relaxed and rich.
Since more than 95% of the country identifies itself as a Buddhist, you can see this deferred mentality
in all aspects of culture. This will allow you to understand that what is really important is people
and experience around us.

4. Stunning holidays .
In Thailand from the Thai New Year each April to Loi Krathong, or Festival of Light, in October, where many gather to celebrate with paper lanterns. While teaching English in Thailand, you'll get to take advantage
of these special occasions because they fall on your breaks from public school. The month of October
is a holiday, as well as mid-March to mid-May, allowing you to see and do all the great things the country has to offer.

5. The pay is liveable.
Most teachers start earning about $ 1000 per month, which is more than enough to comfortably live
in Thailand. Many manage to save from 2-300 dollars a month, and many others teach private lessons
or study online to add them to salary / savings. Numbeo.com is an excellent site for getting the actual cost of living.

6. There is something to see.
In each region of the country there is something special, and each has a different meaning. Once you
are settled, you will most likely rent a motorcycle and roam freely. In addition, Thailand is well connected by bus and plane, which makes it easy to travel on weekends and holidays to other parts of the country that you want to explore. The surrounding countries, such as Laos and Cambodia, are easily accessible both on land and in the air.

7. You will learn Thai from your students.
It is almost impossible not to learn even a little Thai if you are teaching English in Thailand. You will even learn from taxi drivers and owners of TV magazines, as well as with someone you have encountered,
and try to talk.

8. Delicious food.
From their famous pad thai to the more unique khao soi curry and other specialties, like meat on a stick and amazing rice dishes, there's no shortage of delicious cuisine. And the best part? Most of them can
be bought for 2 US dollars!

9. It's tropical. Enough said.
Seasons in Thailand are often called hot, hot and hot, although sometimes you hear them hot, dry and rainy. Excellent. As in any tropical country, there are a few rainy months that remain hot and humid, but
for the most part the country remains constant at an average of 27 ° C and you do not need to bring with you mountains of warm clothes

10. You will become part of the community
Perhaps the best part of teaching in Thailand is a chance for immersion, like no other. You not only get
the opportunity to learn and develop together with your students, but also become an integral part
of the community, allowing you to get an insider point of view on local culture and traditions.

11. Easy travel. When you live abroad it is typically much easier and less costly to travel.
A rare opportunity to live abroad and truly immerse yourself in a foreign culture, where you will be
a valued and integral member of the local community.

12. See the world while getting paid. In dozens of countries around the world, a first-time English teacher will earn a livable wage that enables them to cover all of their bills while enjoying the culture and lifestyle of the country in which they teach.

13. Make a positive and life-changing impact on the lives of others by providing them with educational experience that will enable them to succeed in achieving their personal and professional goals by learning English.

14. Get highly professional skills that will provide you with excellent job prospects in economically unstable times. Keep in mind that the demand for qualified English teachers will exceed demand throughout your life.

15. Getting the ability to adapt to a new environment and culture where language, religion and traditions can be different from your own.

16. Build friendships around the world. Life and teaching abroad provide an unprecedented opportunity to meet and be friends with people from other countries and cultures.

These are only the main advantages of teaching in Thailand. We are sure that when you start living
and teaching in Thailand, you will find many more benefits for yourself!
What you will get:
  • International work experience
    Work abroad is always a good experience and a profitable item in the CV of the applicant.
  • Support to young talent
    We know how hard it can be to get noticed for a young specialist and try to provide everyone with an equal opportunity.
  • Stable income
    The reward system based on quality, not quantity. We review regularly to keep up with everyone.
  • Health care
    The employer provides free health insurance
  • Separate accommodation
    Modern and comfortable separate apartment near the place of work
  • Expanding the horizon
    Working in other countries gives useful experience, broadens the horizon, and makes you look at the world with different eyes.

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