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About us:
Career Land Center is an international consulting agency. We help to find a job or an internship abroad in various fields and industries. We help with employment to residents of different countries. The main our areas are education, hospitality (work in restaurants, hotels), fitness clubs, beauty salons, entertainment.

We specialize in recruiting both temporary and permanent staff. We select candidates for both the individual needs of organizations, and the large amounts or the current needs staffing.

We try to make the candidates and the employers satisfied. Therefore, we constantly improve the quality of work, to develop relations with various networks, operators and organizations, support a large database of organizations and candidates.

We have launched and actively develope a new direction in our work: programs for students and schoolchildren for obtaining language practice abroad. For students these are programs of study abroad, internships abroad. For schoolchildren - summer camps abroad, homestay abroad.

Our offices are located in the USA, in Russia, in Ukraine, as well as
in many cities are working our managers.
The payment is usually already included accommodation, visa support, meeting at the airport, transfer, assistance in obtaining documents (for details, check with the manager after applying through a form on the website).
Now we not only offer internships, we provide J-1 Visa sponsorship for students and young professionals from all over the world who have found their own internships or training programs in the United States.

J-1 visa is the visa for foreigners who travel to the United States through various exchange programs: students, interns, trainees, teachers, professors, researchers and other foreign citizens participating in people-to-people programs. Visa J-1 entitles you to work and travel around the country.

Now you can issue J-1 visa with us. We are the official partners of the American sponsorship organization which gives the future participants of the programs the form required to apply for J-1 visa.
If you dream of going to US to work or for an internship you can find a work on your own and issue a J-1 visa separately. This is called the Self Arranged Program.

Independent job search is a longer than with the help of agencies but also more exciting. You can go to any place that you like, you can use the help of friends or look for work on the Internet sites.
Going to an internship in the US you will learn about American culture and businesses, acquire practical training and experience. US host employers benefit from new perspectives, language skills and added cultural diversity at their businesses.

Have you already found an employer ready to take you on an internship or training program? Excellent! Next you need to get a Job Offer from him. And with this invitation you shoul apply for J-1 visa.

We are partners of an American sponsorship organization and offer J-1 visa for students and young professionals from around the world who have found their own internships or training programs in the United States.

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