Teaching paid job vacancies abroad
in China 2018:

Native English Teachers
in Suzhou international high school

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Urgent teaching English abroad job posting

Native English Teachers in Suzhou
Teaching job abroad at
international high school
in Anhui

Teaching english abroad job description:
1. Natives, Canada ,USA , UK, Australia , Ireland
2. Bachelor at least
3. Experience in teaching is preferred
4. Subjects to teach. One is business English
5. Age :over 24 years old under 50 years old
6. Working time:Monday to Friday, everyday 8 hours. Has lunch break.

Suzhou is located in southern Jiangsu Province in the center of the Yangtze Delta. It is one of the 20 most popular tourist cities in China.

♥ The city is applauded primarily for the big ancient gardens.
♥ One of Suzhou's main attractions is the food. Jiangsu style gourmet cuisine is one of Suzhou's fortes.
♥ The best things to buy locally are silks.In centuries past, the region was the center of silk trade, and producing silk garments and brocades is still is an important industry. The city is especially known for brocades and embroidery.

The city is divided by the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal from north to south. Since 42% area of the city is covered by water, including a vast number of ponds and streams, it is praised as the 'Venice of the Orient'. Built in 514 BC, this is an ancient city with over 2,500 years of history and numerous points of interest. The unique characteristics of the past are still retained today. The double-chessboard layout of the city, with 'the streets and rivers going side by side while the water and land routes running in parallel', is preserved intact.

1. Free apartment, no shared
2. Summer and winter paid vocations
3. Insurance
4. Working visa
5. Air tickets allowance
6. Legal paid holiday
7. Salary 29000-31000 dollars per year
What you will get:
  • International work experience
    Work abroad is always a good experience and a profitable item in the CV of the applicant.
  • Support to young talent
    We know how hard it can be to get noticed for a young specialist and try to provide everyone with an equal opportunity.
  • Stable income
    The reward system based on quality, not quantity. We review regularly to keep up with everyone.
  • Health care
    The employer provides free health insurance
  • Separate accommodation
    Modern and comfortable separate apartment near the place of work
  • Expanding the horizon
    Working in other countries gives useful experience, broadens the horizon, and makes you look at the world with different eyes.
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